So, hello loyal followers!

I think I need a pinch of help with my site, so here goes:
1) should I update the site? y'know, possibly even move it to another web designer? Snazz it all up a bit! If yes, give me some advice on when and how!
2) should I make my photo's up for sale? Canvas would be most likely and easiest. Would anyone actually buy one?
3) should I put myself out there for working in the big world? D:
Matthew Mann
6/22/2011 00:03:31

There would be no harm in advertising as a photographer (in the review or summin) because you may not get anything, but you will be getting known and your name will be getting out there and im sure you will slowly get more interest. as for selling them via a website, im unsure that it is helpful and productive because i dont think there is much market out there for young beginers. and if you get like one every few months is it worth the hastle? if you get out there taking photo's for people, there will be more interest you and then one day in a few years, it will be a very good idea to sell online... as for the site, at the moment i think it is fine, because the main idea is getting your pictures noticed.. its good quality and easy to use.. people wont get confussed and annoyed..

love you

biggest fan <3

9/28/2012 03:58:09

THX for info


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